You Matter was created by Mental Health influencer Demetrius Harmon to bring awareness to individuals struggling with their emotional wellbeing.

Back Story

You Matter began as a sticky note message founder Demetrius Harmon wrote to himself while dealing with suicidal urges in the Fall of 2015. He decided the best way to get out a small but powerful message, that reassured him in moments of darkness, was to put it on apparel.

Most hoodies feature Demetrius' mantra: "I feel weak, but I know I'm strong" stitched on the inner wrists for those who use these hoodies to cover their self harm scars. In the process of covering those scars, Demetrius hopes the saying replaces them with something beautiful so when they look at their wrist they are not just reminded of how weak they once felt, but reminded of how strong they truly are.


The Avid Group proudly oversees the entire spectrum of brand management services, from conceptualization to completion. With the invaluable guidance of You Matter's founder, Demetrius, our dedicated team is committed to creating a seamless journey that places the remarkable You Matter community at its heart. Through completing brand narratives, strategic planning and innovative creative output, our finely tuned approach strengthens the profound connection between the brand and its audience.

Our mission is clear: to empower You Matter customers to authentically be themselves, fostering an environment where they not only feel seen and heard but truly understand their significance in the world.

“I am truly delighted and immensely appreciative of Avid's incredible dedication and expertise in growing the You Matter brand and bringing my vision to life.”
Demetrius HarmonFounder, You Matter