STAYME7O is a lifestyle brand based on community and positive energy.

“Life has its moments, and through it all I’ve tried to remain level headed and focused. Over time, the STAYME7O mindset was born."

Back Story

Carmelo Anthony partnered with Avid to build STAYME7O from the ground up. The challenge was to create a brand with purpose, using our platform to positively affect people's lives and mindsets. With resilience, focus and strength, we can accomplish our goals, no matter the circumstances.

Our goal was to build a community, a family, a support network, using Carmelo's life experiences and the brand values, to connect with people.


Avid’s role in establishing the STAYME7O brand was marked by meticulous research, comprehensive oversight, and strategic execution. We began by conducting extensive customer and trend research to gain insights into the market and audience preferences. Armed with this knowledge, we crafted a cohesive go-to-market strategy spanning multiple platforms, ensuring that STAYME7O's apparel and accessories would make a strong impact.

Our involvement covered the entire brand journey, from ideation and branding to product development and manufacturing. We defined the brand's identity, managed branding efforts, and curated an impactful product assortment, all while maintaining a consistent aesthetic and quality. We also took charge of marketing and social media management, effectively creating brand awareness and engagement through strategic campaigns and online presence.

STAYME7O is a mantra to follow and a mindset to embody. It’s now time to share that mindset with the world.

Carmelo AnthonySTAYME7O founder